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We transform the lives of thousands of under-privileged individuals through education. Our high-quality, targeted programs enable youth and young adults to overcome academic challenges and advance in ways that prepare them for a rewarding future.  With the ORT focus on *science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) instruction, we make learning relevant to the 21st century and give our graduates an edge in the competitive job market.
In sixteen day schools in the former Soviet Union, a substantial STEM curriculum is paired with Jewish studies to give youth a solid educational foundation and connection to their Jewish roots.
In Israel, STEM instruction is a main part of the curriculum of the schools in the Kadima Mada educational network, technological colleges network, YOUniversity after-school centers and affiliated schools.
In South Africa, STEM instruction figures prominently in the ORT Second Chance program.
In ORT schools in Mexico, South America and elsewhere, STEM instruction is emphasized.
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“Many students from Kiev and Dnepro schools come here to study information technology and Hebrew. ORT schools provide new educational programs and courses, and have the best teachers in the region; students benefit from modern thinking and approaches.  Thanks to ORT, I have the opportunity to improve my knowledge and help students and teachers be more intelligent and more successful.”

Syuzanna Khachatryan, Informatics and technology teacher and manager for ORT regional development at Kiev ORT School NVK # 141