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We transform the lives of thousands of under-privileged individuals through education. Our high-quality, targeted programs enable youth to overcome academic challenges and get the foundation for a rewarding future. The ORT Students’ Fund covers basic needs of students and their participation in enriching and life changing experiences. Your gift goes toward:
• School supplies, dental treatments, eye exams and glasses, therapy sessions, educational trips to Holocaust memorial sites in Poland, and stipends for national service volunteers in Israel;
• Education for ultra-orthodox students from elementary to college level, helping girls study science and technology, helping women in technical colleges develop skills for employment, help for Christian and Muslim Arabs to advance in Israel, and for literacy programs in South Africa;
• Exposing students to unique opportunities to study drones and robotics, to enhance achievement in chemistry, and for specialized courses in technology;
• Enabling student participation in international educational seminars like the Digital Skills Academy in Bulgaria, Ecología summer school in Panama, the STEM Communication Awards and the Jewish Animations Initiative, bringing students together from different countries for collaborative learning options;
• Enabling young adults to advance in courses relevant to the demands of the 21st century employment market, where they obtain knowledge and practical training to succeed in careers in Israel, the former Soviet Union and other countries;
• Providing courses in science, technology, engineering, math and English both as distinct subjects and in multidisciplinary approaches, and tutoring for struggling students.
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